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Sep 24, 2019 | Smart City Lab Basel, Güterbahnhof Wolf

The Annual Swiss Coworking Event

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The annual Swiss Coworking Forum is the Coworking & shared office industry’s main event in Switzerland. This event is the place to share knowledge amongst member spaces, newbies, operators, real estate professionals and corporates.

Let’s meet, learn and build strong and lasting relationships, focused on the Swiss Coworking market with insights from other European countries.

Our motto: this works!



“Wolf Basel”? Smart City Lab!

Where does the Swiss Coworking Forum take place? In the “Smart City Lab” on the Wolf site in Basel, which is to become the “smartest area” in Switzerland. An innovation hotspot for Smart City projects – with an exemplary character for other cities. The Coworking Forum represents a further milestone in the expansion of the Basel Wolf area as a Smart City Laboratory (“Lab”). The huge site offers sufficient space for pilot projects to gather experience and develop solutions. The former Wolf freight station, located between the “Gundeli” neighborhood and the SBB railway station, is located at the southern gateway to the city, actually quite a central location but to the current day still isolated. Terra Incognita for many, the Coworking Forum is one of the bricks in the puzzle to change this finally!

Keynote Speaker: Anita Gödiker

When Anita Gödiker founded the “Satellite Office” at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin back in 1997, the word coworking didn’t even exist. Inspired by the concept of business centers in the USA, she was one of the very first adopters of the idea of office sharing in Europe. She did this out of nowhere, without any backing by banks or investors. Her goal was simple but bold: To become the market-leading premium business, coworking & conference center provider in Germany. And she succeeded. Today she is leading a successful company that is constantly expanding. In the heart of European metropolises like Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Zurich, Satellite Office offers space for flexible workplaces and business meetings in listed and historic properties.

The focus of Anita’s keynote will be on the future development of coworking and shared offices in the next 20 years. Where is the journey going, and what are the needs of the industry today? How can an idea that was once ahead of its time ensure that it does not suddenly lose touch with the general development? And in what direction do we want to shape the coworking community?

Keynote Speaker: Nick Sohnemann

“Innovate or die!” This is a quote of Nick Sohnemann, one of the Forum’s keynote speakers. His main interest is in what determines tomorrow and changes the agenda today. This concerns both the future of innovation itself as well as the future of technology. He predicts how the workplace will look in the future or how digitisation will evolve. Holding a degree from the Hamburg Media School and an MBA from the University of Westminster in London, Sohnemann is always on the lookout for models of successful innovation. He knows all the state-of-the-art methods and presents them in a scientifically sound but entertaining way. How can medium-sized companies gain momentum and implement a start-up thinking culture? He has already accompanied many companies in this process, including Sparkassen, Telefonica, TESA AG and Vereinsbanken.

After Sohnemanns keynote, you will better understand how agile management works. You will understand why leaders have to be role models. You will learn how to strengthen the ability to innovate and how to anchor innovation methods sustainably. And last but not least: how to open up new business models, new markets and new professions. The founder and CEO of “Future Candy” has also inspired and convinced large companies, including Porsche, SAP, Airbus, Vodafone and many others.


green track: launch a new space

Learn all things to launch and grow your local coworking space Ideal for coworking founders, coworking teams, grassroot spaces, municipality and public service representatives.

In this track you learn everything from site selection, partners, suppliers, landlord relations, your business case, building your founders team and finding your first members.

yellow track: smooth operation

learn how to build and maintain a community Ideal for experienced operators and space managers. Workshops on how to improve your current space operations, increase memberships, pricing, marketing, new tools. Get into the details on how to thrive and activate your community and boost your space.

blue track: boost your house

Coworking Spaces, Shared/Flex Offices, Business Centers & More.
Here you will find the whole shared workspaces spectrum, and how they impact your real estate from an individual asset to the entire portfolio. You learn what to look for in a coworking operator or shared office provider, what contract forms are common, how to choose the right type of coworking for your building, the impact on your real estate valuation, and much more.

purple track: coworking for corporates

HR, medium & large companies supporting coworking for employees
What drives coworking in larger organizations, why should corporates encourage coworking, what are best practices to introduce coworking in larger organizations, how can employees and employers benefit from coworking, cooperation with coworking spaces (partnerships, sponsoring, visas, etc. ), national and international networks of shared offices and coworking spaces.

black track: networking party

We are happy to welcome you to our unique Network party with a live DJ from Berlin, great drinks & snacks and special effects. Feel free to meet people from the community have a good time and finish this wonderful congress together with us.



08.30 Coffee, Networking & Registration
09.00 Welcome address
Reto Hafner, Daniel Hediger
Coworking Switzerland 2019
Jenny Schäpper-Uster, President
09.15 Keynote Anita Gödiker
Founder Satellite Office
09.45 Networking & coffee
10.15 Morning tracks (tracks by color)
Track 10.15 – 10.50
Track 11.00 – 11.35
11.45 Lunch


13.30 Keynote Alisée de Tonnac
Co-founder Seedspace
14.00 Afternoon tracks (tracks by color)
Track 14.00 – 14.35
Track 14.45 – 15.15
15.15 Networking & coffee
15.45 Future work: Nick Sohnemann
Co-founder Future Candy
16.30 Outlook and farewell
17.00 Networking party



Anita Gödiker founded Satellite Office in 1997 with the goal of becoming the market leading premium business, coworking & conference center provider in Germany. I have a great team around me without whom the success of Satellite Office would not have been possible. And now we take the next step together and expand.

Anita Gödiker

Nick is one of Europe’s leading experts in the field of trend and innovation research.The Hamburg-based cosmopolitan is on the hunt around the world for state-of-the-art methods and tools for successful innovations. As a pragmatic problem solver and strategic “business brain,” Nick has been supporting companies on their way to innovation since 2008. Nick Sohnemann

Founded Seedstars back in 2013, Alisée is now managing the company. Seedstars is now present in 85+ cities and will be launching 15 strategic hubs in Emerging Markets. She’s currently living in Switzerland and Nigeria. Alisée is a board member of the School of Management of Fribourg. She was nominated Social Entrepreneur Forbes 30 under 30, 50: Europe’s most influential women in the startup and venture capital space. Alisée de Tonnac

Rahel de Vriend is a digital specialist with broad expertise in strategic business development at various Dutch brands. She is currently the lead business development at B. Building Business, where she was part of the expansion of B. to 64.000m2 of work space, hosting 300+ companies as tenants and over 2,000 entrepreneurs. She also kick-started several new business initiatives for the global and digital expansion of B. and developed strategic partnerships with corporates including Sodexo, Boon Edam, Deloitte and the RAI. Rahel de Vriend

Dominique Hirsiger is a registered interior designer and senior project manager with experience in national and international workplace design. Having closely worked with some of the world’s largest corporations internationally, she has in-depth knowledge in the area of need evaluation, conception, innovation and execution of complex large-scale projects. Furthermore, she advises companies regarding the implementation of modern and innovative workplace concepts or the optimization of existing office space. Currently focusing on coworking and shared office space projects within Switzerland, she has a sound familiarity of conception, innovation and execution to help corporates benefit from modern workplace solutions. Dominique Hirsiger






Place to meet!

Smart City Lab Basel
Güterbahnhof, Wolf