When Anita Gödiker founded the “Satellite Office” at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin back in 1997, the word coworking didn’t even exist. Inspired by the concept of business centers in the USA, she was one of the very first adopters of the idea of office sharing in Europe. She did this out of nowhere, without any backing by banks or investors. Her goal was simple but bold: To become the market-leading premium business, coworking & conference center provider in Germany. And she succeeded. Today she is leading a successful company that is constantly expanding. In the heart of European metropolises like Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Zurich, Satellite Office offers space for flexible workplaces and business meetings in listed and historic properties.

The focus of Anita’s keynote will be on the future development of coworking and shared offices in the next 20 years. Where is the journey going, and what are the needs of the industry today? How can an idea that was once ahead of its time ensure that it does not suddenly lose touch with the general development? And in what direction do we want to shape the coworking community?